How to Get Rid of Carpet Beetles

Carpet Beetles can be tricky to find, even though their damage is plain to see. Although not a disease carrier the damage to carpet can be very expensive and feeling out of control in your own home is very frustrating. Removing Carpet Beetles from your home is possible when using our products and continued treatment provides you with the prevention you need to stop a repeat occurrence from these pests.

How To Get Rid Of Carpet Beetles

Recognising Carpet Beetles

There are hundreds of species of carpet beetles worldwide. The adult carpet beetle has a round oval shaped body and is covered in scales. In the UK the most commonly found adult carpet beetle has an attractive black wing casing mottled with patches of white and pale yellow. There is also a less-common all black carpet beetle. The carpet beetle is up to 4mm long and is found outdoors from spring to early summer feeding on pollen and nectar before moving indoors to lay its eggs. With our centrally heated homes and wall-to-wall carpets to eat it's no wonder that Carpet Beetles choose our homes to nest in.


The larvae are 5mm long, grub like in appearance, brown/yellow, and covered in bristly hairs. They are colloquially known as “Woolly Bears” because of their appearance. Larvae can chew on your carpets, clothing and textiles for up to 3 years before pupating and emerging as adult Carpet Beetles.


Risks Associated with Carpet Beetles

Although Carpet Beetles do not carry within them a risk to your health the damage that they cause to your home can be severe as they eat anything that is protein based - Carpets, Textiles, Curtains, Clothing etc. Removing Carpet Beetles from your home is possible when using our products and continued treatment provides you with the prevention you need to stop a repeat occurrence from these pests.


Effective Treatments for Carpet Beetles

If you have experienced a carpet beetle infestation, we strongly recommend trying our Carpet Beetle Killer Kit specifically designed to deal with these stubborn pests and to protect your investment in your carpets and rugs in particular.

We recommend a four-stage process – removal and thorough cleaning, using
Fumers, spraying a pesticide on affected and adjacent areas to kill and deter, lay down an insect killing powder onto previously infested areas and along skirting boards to kill any remaining larvae or adult beetles that may have retreated.

1. Having identified affected areas, vacuum really thoroughly at and around the specific locations where the infestation is suspected. Vacuum thoroughly along skirting boards using the fine nozzle of the cleaner and under and alongside furniture if at all possible – carpet beetle larvae can burrow under furniture standing on fitted carpets. Vacuum both sides of rugs. Be sure to empty your vacuum cleaner outside the house.

2. Use the
Fumer as per the instructions on the product and / or enclosed with our Carpet Beetle Killer Kit. Having closed all doors and windows, the high-strength pesticide will reach areas and places that you might not be able to or might not have thought about reaching with the other stages of the recommended treatment.

3. Spray an effective killing and deterrent pesticide spray onto affected carpets and rugs (both sides) as appropriate. The sprays we recommend are either the
Protector C pesticide spray for uncompromising action, or the Oa2ki Organic Powder Aerosol / Fortefog Protector Sprays if you prefer a natural solution or are particularly worried about children and pets. All three sprays have an fast killing impact on contact with the carpet beetle larvae yet also have a residual deterrent and killing impact for about a fortnight after application.

4. Use a powder to treat the originally infested area and along skirting boards – if the
Rentokil Insectrol powder included with our Carpet Beetle Killer Kit (and sold separately) is used, leave overnight with the room undisturbed and vacuum up in the morning. If the Oa2ki powder is used then it can be left longer and we would recommend leaving it for a week to be sure.


Carpet Beetle Prevention

Make sure that any old birds nests are cleared out of your loft, eaves and guttering. While in your loft look for any old carpets, rugs and other textiles that could be removed completely. These should be first sealed in bags and then removed from the house.

With clothing that you use only seasonally it should be cleaned at the highest temperature possible and sealed it within Clothes Storage bags. These bags could also have a sachet or cassette placed inside as a deterrent and/or insect killer.

Keep your house clean at all times of clutter and vacuum the carpets frequently. You can also repeat treat your carpets and skirting boards with one of our Protector Sprays to keep your insecticide treatment fresh and active.


Carpet Beetle Killer Kits - The Package Solution

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