Rat Killer Products - Traps, Lockable Bait Stations and Poison

Rat Killer Products

Rats are common and persistent. Happy to nest in our homes, outbuildings and gardens rats will breed, cause damage and spread disease. Pest Control in the form of Rat Traps, Rat Poison and Bait Stations is the only way to successfully get rid of rats.

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We've helped thousands of customers deal effectively with rat infestations - with great pre- and post-sale support so that you're not alone, fast and secure delivery service, clear instruction guides and by ensuring that you have the right products to deal with your rat infestation, fast!

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Pest Control Delivered brings you a comprehensive range of products to get rid of Rats from your home, fast!

We've helped thousands of customers, and with our great pre- and post-sale support you know that you're not alone. Our helpful advice and secure next day deliveries mean that you'll have the best products to deal with your pests quickly!

If you have a Rat infestation in your house, we can provide effective Rat Killer products to help you in a variety of ways:

Treatment Information
Rat Killer Kits These are pre-packed selections of Rat Killing products to get rid of your rat infestation. Our Rat Killer Kits contain carefully selected Bait Boxes, Traps, Poisons and Attractants to make sure that you can get to work on killing rats fast and efficiently. Containing products selected from brands that you know and trust, as well as those used by Pest Control professionals you'll soon get your rat infestation under control. Visit our Rat Killer Kits page for more information.
Rat Poison With pre-weighed Sachets and Trays, Loose Grain, Blocks and Pasta we have the choice you need to be able to make the right choice for your situation. If you prefer we also stock pre-baited boxes so that you don't need to come into direct contact with the poison! Visit our Rat Poison page for more information.
Rat Bait Boxes Secure, robust and lockable, our boxes are suitable for around the home, outbuildings and outside. They can be used with Block Bait, Loose Grain and Pasta - they're very versatile. We also stock pre-baited Rat Killer Boxes so that you don't need to come into direct contact with the poison! Visit our Rat Bait Boxes page for more information.
Rat Prevention If you can keep rodents out of your home you're halfway there. With our range of Air Brick Mesh Covers and rodent proof sealant you'll be able to protect access points so that rats and mice can not get in to your home or outbuildings. Another way to keep mice out is to use the RACO Pro Sonic Rat Repeller. Emitting sounds on altinating frequencies rats are continually deterred without any risk to your pets. Visit our Rat Prevention page for more information.
Rat Traps Wooden Traps, Quick Set Traps, Advanced Traps, Secure Traps in Lockable Boxes and Humane Traps are available. All are powerful and effective to ensure a quick kill where required or safe holding where release is required. Visit our Rat Traps page for more information.

Value Packs are available for many products that we sell. This will save you between 5-10% compared to buying separately. Just look for the Value Pack logo's when shopping.

All Products are covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

All products sold by PestControlDelivered should be positioned out of reach of children and pets.

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